Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nonMuslim and Mosque...

Islam and politic is actually cannot be separated. It is because when we look on the history that the in the Prophet of Muhammad time, the Prophet did not separated between the politic and religion. It was continued by the other administrators like Muawiyyah, Abassiyah and also by TurkiyeUthmaniyah. i just want to critique what had actually happened on our country. Our political situation right now was colour and made by the late colonizations which is British. They had set up and made the law and rules which is not give the opportunity for the religion to be spread.

If we looked on the certain issue mostly after the general election of 12, when the largest and long term party UMNO-MCA_MIC had been defeated for me is very worse. it is because, the party which is Barisan Nasional had lost 5 states which is showed the result of the voters reformations. after that many of us have going through that many of issues that relate to Islam and Muslim be publicize and become ass the a big issue. Starting from the Saiful Bukhari sodomy`s issue, Hindraf of India, the using of word Allah by the other religion, the one of opposition DAP assembly entering the mosque by not in a proper attire.

All those issue are actually need to be curb with very calm and no emotions. the problems nowadays is that many of us give the opinion based on the their idea and only by their political belief. When the fault is on BN, the opposition will said that it was bad. As same when there was on Opposition, the BN will also condemned the opposition as usual. But the main thing is, where is the last point on this issue? for example if we take one issue about the one of DAP`s member entering the mosque in order to giving the donation, I do not to talk that whether it is allowed or not because I am not sure about that. But what I am not satisfied with is the way we overcome this issue is very bad. it will tarnished the Islam.

In UMNO view it is bad. It is wrong. It is very wrong. However, in the PAS camp, it was allowed that the non-muslim can enter the mosque. In UTUSAN saying that it is so bad for non-Muslim not having proper attire to enter the mosque. But when I read the Harakah the view was not same. I just to ask whether we had taken into consideration how the non-Muslim perception on Islam if we as Muslim cannot curb this issue as well. it is very danger mostly when we use the religion as the political tools. BUT, I am not saying that the using the word Islam in politic is wrong. Actually it is very good. what is important is we know what are we doing. No one cannot deny when you involve in politic you will also give the bad example to the people. the important things is that we must controlled the problem with the proper way and do not
simply give an idea based on the our political belief. Go and look on the Al-Quran and hadits first. that is the better way rather that we argue which one is wrong or not.

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